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Telescopic Conveyor

Telescopic Conveyor for Mining, Ship-Loading or Larger Quarry Applications.

The Superior Industries range of Telescopic Telestacker® Conveyors is the heaviest duty and strongest manufactured Telescopic Conveyor available.

Over 1300 of these (and counting) Telescopic Telestacker® Conveyors have been supplied and installed worldwide.

Superior Industries is the leading manufacturer of Telescopic / Telestacker® Conveyors for mining, quarrying and ship-loading applications used throughout Australia.

888CSE are an authorised distributor for the supply and install of the full range of Superior Industries conveyors Australia-Wide.

Please call 0473 888141 (All East Coast Enquiries) or Melissa Zadra on 0447 888028 (West Coast) or our Head Office on 08 9550 6388 or contact us for more information.