Feeder Stacker – Reclaimer TF80

Feeder Stacker – Reclaimer TF80

Feeder Stacker – Reclaimer McCloskey TF80.

The first of ANOTHER TWO Impressive McCloskey TF80 Feeder Stackers is on its way from 888CSE to a large Iron Ore Mine-site in the Pilbara, early January 2020.

The second of the two ordered McCloskey TF80 Feeder Stacker is currently being shipped and will be delivered Q1 2020.

The heavy-duty McCloskey TF80 Feeder Stacker has been used many times to back up Iron Ore load out facilities at Mine-sites in Western Australia.

Feeding onto an overland conveyor, each McCloskey TF80 Feeder Stacker can handle up to 1000 tonnes per hour of Iron Ore.

The TF80 feeder stacker, supplied by 888CSE, has proven itself many times on various mine sites as an ideal back-up solution for train or ship load-out facilities when existing equipment such as a stacker reclaimer is down for planned maintenance / shutdown or during a plant upgrade.

The McCloskey TF80 feeder stacker also satisfies many standby requirements where additional loading capacity is required.

Using 2 x TF80′s and suitable loaders, feed rates of up to 2000tph are achievable in some applications.

Being track mounted and remote controlled, these highly portable feeder stackers can be used in various locations on a single mine site and can be quickly transported and relocated to different mine-sites for ongoing support on a Quad / Dolly (50 tonne) float.

The impressive McCloskey TF80′s supplied by 888CSE are upgraded to “mine-specification” and are almost twice the duty and capacity of many “equivalent” feeder-stackers on the market.

The McCloskey TF80′s are also capable of being fed with Cat 992 / WA 900 sized loaders with the extended 20cu.m feed bin in some applications. Interlocking with overland conveyors is also possible.

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